Boston’s Hitched Or Ditched Couple Jesse and Annisa Say “I Do”

June 2, 2009
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The CW network has a new reality show called Hitched or Ditched.  The premise of the story is basically that a couple is brought together for a quickie wedding offer, making them ultimately decide if it’s time to get married, or time to say ‘see ya!’

Tonight’s episode featured Boston couple Jesse and Annisa.  Jesse’s brother showed up with the wedding offer and they had to decide if they wanted to get married in one week, and if they could actually go through with it once they were standing at the alter.

Sam Baltrusis’ Loaded Gun Boston and Wedding Stylist/Event Planner Chad Michael Peters threw a viewing party at The Place and I attended the viewing.  Also in attendance were the couple of the hour, Jesse and Annisa!

I met Jesse, and I have to say that in person he is much better looking, and younger looking, than he appears on the show.  And he was a really nice guy too!  It’s easy to see why Annisa calls him her best friend; he has such a charming personality!  Annisa was gorgeous, but we didn’t get a chance to say hello.

Jesse mentioned that it had been a very interesting year for them.  He moved from Portland, Maine, and Annisa moved from Tyngsboro, Mass.  Moving to Boston is a big change for anyone!  On top of that, while Jesse was walking down Newbury Street in Boston, he actually got hit by a car! He had to have his ACL rebuilt, and it doesn’t sound like it was a great experience – OUCH!  And, oh, one more thing.  He got married.

Jesse and Annisa seem like a nice couple and things will probably get a little overwhelming for them.  Surely they are up to the task! When you allow yourself to be put on national television, in your best and worst light, you tend to develop a thick skin and quickly. I’m sure they’ll be just fine!  I wonder, though, are the parents asking to be grandparents yet?

A big thanks to Sam Baltrusis and Chad Michael Peters for throwing the party and for the the invite! Check out Loaded Gun Boston for more of the story and for fabulous photos from photographer Ryan Miner.