Survivor Tocantins’ Erinn Lobdell Comes in 3rd

May 23, 2009
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Erinn Lobdell “It Was Awesome!”  That is what Survivor Tocantins’ Erinn Lobdell had to say about her experience in Brazil.

Erinn Lobdell came in 3rd on Survivor Tocantins.  If anyone surprised me this season it was Erinn.  I thought she was a goner early on, yet she landed herself in the top 3, and she didn’t ride anyone’s coattails to get there.  Erinn fought hard and found herself in fortunate situations where she happened to be less of a threat than someone else at that moment!

Reporting for Reality Exploits, Survivor Cook Islands’ Billy Garcia and I met Erinn on the red carpet after the Tocantins finale.  As Erinn walked up to us, she immediately greeted Billy with a question.  Erinn wanted to know if he always wears the same shirt!  Billy laughed and said no, that he gets 20 at a time and as they get worn, he gives them to charity and he gets a new supply.  Good to hear Billy!

We congratulated Erinn.  Billy said that she beat the odds because most people thought she’d be an early boot.  Billy asked Erinn how she felt knowing everyone on the blogs had her down for the count.  Erinn said she really tried not to read them, but what other time would everyone be talking about her?  She said she got a lot of love on the blogs, but there were definitely some haters.

She said they all wanted the prettier girls to be on the show…she was the ugly one, and “whatever…it was awesome!”  When Erin thought about going on Survivor, she thought she might last 2-3 days, and that she might get a ‘vacation’ out of it.  No way did she ever think she’d go as far as she did.  She said it was so satisfying to know that everyone was against her, and that she outlasted everyone in her tribe.

Erinn had a tough time.  Early on, she expected to be voted off.  Every day was a fight for her life.  She said she was really good at knowing her number was up.  Every time she thought she was up, she was down.  She always had to come up with a new way to work around it.  Erinn had a great comment.  She said that when the elevator stops, she had to take the back stairs. 

Billy Garcia, Erinn Lobdell, Betsy Hijazi Billy said Erinn had mastered the art of throwing people under the bus.  She said she mostly didn’t have to, that they did it on their own and she just sat back and let it happen.  Erin said that there was a really satisfying moment where she said ‘let’s get Tyson out of here.’  She said that it was absolute fun to watch people and everything fall apart. 

Erinn said that relationships were ever changing and they were so important out there.  She said that she spent the first 27 days hating Sierra.  She “could not stand her!”  Then on the day she was to be voted out, she figured out she kinda liked her, and she thought they could be friends.  But she knew that Sierra was going to cause too much trouble and she couldn’t keep her around.  Sierra had their whole plan figured out, and she just had to go.

I asked Erinn about Ponderosa, and if she got a chance to enjoy the down time at all.  She said that she arrived at Ponderosa on night 38 and was only there a day and a half.  She said she went home right after that.

Erinn talked about the importance of Ponderosa.  She said that it’s a place where you can detox, learn how to eat again, and get your head out of the game.  But she didn’t really have the opportunity to do it.  She went home on a Thursday and went back to work the following Tuesday.  Billy then commented that he never went back to work!

Billy closed the interview by telling Erinn that it is great to have her as part of the Survivor family and that we are all looking forward to seeing her at future events.

Erinn seems like a really nice girl.  She is clearly very smart and has a good head on her shoulders.  She seems very in control.  But I couldn’t help but laugh as I listened to her throughout the evening.  Her voice is loud, and she does talk a lot.  It reminded me of when JT and Stephen talked about how much she talks and talks and talks, and how it drives them crazy.  I can definitely attest to that…the girl can talk!  But I like her! 

Congratulations Erinn!