NVPO Spring Concert and Interview with Flutist Ona Jonaityte

April 12, 2009
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Ona and Lawrence

On March 22nd, the Neponset Valley Philharmonic Orchestra (NVPO) hosted its second concert at Showcase Live in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

The concert was a resounding success for the recently-formed NVPO, which is a testament to the quality of musicians in the orchestra. The orchestra is young, and its collective talent, education, experience and passion provides patrons an afternoon of unforgettable musical splendor.

The NVPO seeks to be a springboard for young, talented musicians as they make the transition from college, university or conservatory to a professional career. As such, Maestro Lawrence Isaacson creates a performance that showcases a repertoire of familiar as well as challenging and less-commonly heard pieces, producing a rich experience for both the musicians and patrons.

Only the second concert given by the NVPO, the Spring 2009 concert featured Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Overture to Ona_Jonaityte_NVPOCoriolanus, Benjamin Godard’s Suite de Trois Morceaux, Op. 116 (Ona Jonaityte, flute soloist), Franz Doppler’s Andante and Rondo (Ona Jonaityte and Jessi Rosinski, flute soloists), and Peter I. Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5, which was absolutely phenomenal!

A Performance and Teaching graduate of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, Ms. Jonaityte recently earned a Graduate Diploma from the Boston Conservatory. A multi-competition winner, in 2007 Ms. Jonaityte earned 1st prize at the 27th James Pappoutsakis Flute Competition in Boston, and the Greater Boston Flute Association named Ms. Jonaityte as their New Horizon’s Artist 2007-2008.

Prior to her performance, I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Jonaityte. She is a talented and passionate artist who will have a highly-successful career. I appreciated the opportunity to get to know her better and I look forward to her future performances.

Ona_Jonaityte_NVPOBetsy: Do you currently live in the U.S. or abroad?
This is my third year of studies in the U.S. However I did go back to Europe a few times to visit my family and perform a few concerts.

Betsy: Is anyone in your family also a musician?
No, I am the only one.

Betsy: Do you have siblings?
Ona: I have two sisters but they chose professions of doctor and lawyer.

Betsy: Did you choose to do the Benjamin Godard piece or did Maestro Isaacson approach you about it specifically?
Maestro Isaacson asked me to perform something beautiful, technically challenging, and not too contemporary so that it would be a proper flute and its repertoire introduction to the NVPO audience. So in the end both of us decided that Godard’sSuite de Trois Morceaux” would be perfect.

Ona_Jonaityte_NVPO_3Betsy: Does it have any special significance for you?
I was blessed to spend one year in France and study at the Lyon National Music and Dance Conservatory. I love that country for its exceptional beauty, good wines, food and incredibly talented flutists and composers whose impact to the flute history is immense. So I am very happy to perform this delightful and charming French piece; it brings me all those beautiful memories from my “good old French times.”

Betsy: Do you have any personal thoughts about this piece?
Ona: I love this suite for its elegant beauty. From the very first note, Godard creates gorgeous, colorful phrases that make you relax, dream, dance and just enjoy yourself. It is definitely a perfect Belle Époque style piece.

Betsy: How did you feel about being a soloist for the NVPO?
Ona: Wonderful! I am really lucky to perform with such young and enthusiastic musicians who love music and bring its beauty to the listeners.

Ona_Jonaityte_Performs_With_NVPO_2Betsy: Do you have any preference for styles, composers or periods?
As flutists, we do not have such a big repertoire as, for example, violinists or cellists, so I appreciate every piece I perform or practice. However J. S. Bach is my favorite ever!

Betsy: What contemporary flutist do you look up to and why?
Number one is William Bennett. His sound, his interpretation, and his personality make every piece that he performs impeccably special and beautiful. His playing inspires me and makes me practice more and more. The other great players are Jacque Zoon, Sharon Bezaly, and Emmanuel Pahud.

Betsy: Can we hear you perform locally?
Most of my performances take place in the Boston area, at the Boston Conservatory, Sanders Theater, and some local churches.NVPO Logo

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