Air Supply and Frankie Moreno Want To Give It All

January 6, 2009
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Mike ZerbeFrankie Moreno and Russ Letizia to Join Air Supply

In mid 2008, after five years with Air Supply, drummer Mike Zerbe left Air Supply and joined the Frankie Moreno Band in his hometown of Las Vegas.

After a short absence, Mike re-joined Air Supply and much to the delight of his family, friends and fans, was doing double duty as the drummer for both Air Supply and the Frankie Moreno Band.

Change is often quick when it comes to Air Supply and the latest news is that half of the Frankie Moreno Band will become half of Air Supply, at least for the month of February.

Mike Zerbe along with pianist Frankie Moreno and guitarist Russ Letizia will be bringing a bit of flair to Air Supply come February. In fact, the changes may start a little earlier than that when Russ Letizia joins Air Supply on the road as the new guitarist, perhaps as early as late January.

Mike Zerbe Russ Letizia Frankie Moreno (2)Frankie Moreno will also be joining Air Supply on piano for the month of February while Jed Moss is performing in Salt Lake City with Ballet West.

With Russ Letizia and Jonni Lightfoot on the same stage, guitar sparks are sure to fly as these two exceptional guitarists will undoubtedly bring a rock edge and super cool factor to Air Supply.

Frankie Moreno is one great talent himself!  In addition to Frankie’s love for piano, guitar, harmonica, mandolin and ToysRUs recorders, Frankie Moreno is a singer and songwriter who has recorded more than 10 CDs, many of which can be found at CD

Gift“, Frankie Moreno’s latest CD, is an extraordinary combination of songs that includes ballads, jazz, funk, rock and classical.  “Gift” can also be found at CD Baby.

Frankie Moreno has written for artists in every genre, from Kiss to Jerry Lee Lewis to LeAnn Rhimes to Michael Buble to Chuck Berry to country star Billy Currington. A talented piano player, Frankie Moreno begins touring with Billy Currington as his pianist beginning in MarchFrankie Moreno.

When asked how he felt about joining Air Supply for February, with a huge smile, Frankie said he was ‘really excited’ and was greatly looking forward to it.

Both Frankie Moreno and Russ Letizia are serious and incredibly talented performers who can also laugh at themselves, and each other, and make the stage light up. With Mike Zerbe in the mix, there are sure to be more than a few laughs along with some very serious music making!  Air Supply is fortunate to have Frankie Moreno and Russ Letizia join them.

February is definitely a must-see Air Supply/Frankie Moreno Band month!