Speaking for Equality, Speaking for Me: National Protest Against Prop 8

November 13, 2008
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111008_natldayofprotestAt the end of September, I wrote an article about why I opposed California’s Proposition 8 and encouraged voters to Vote No on Prop 8.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Proposition 8 passed and Californians voted discrimination back into their state constitution.  Say what?  I can’t tell you how or why it happened, but I can tell you that it did and it’s a disgrace.

Actually, I can talk about a little of the how and why.  According to daily emails from Noon8.org, donations were not coming in fast enough to get the word out.  Early on in the fight, donations in support of Prop 8 greatly outpaced opponent donations.  At the end of the campaign, both sides appear to have raised about the same, but for Prop 8 opponents, the money came too late to effectively fight the Proposition.

In addition, I spoke with a few friends who said they didn’t realize that they were voting for the Proposition.  The wording was confusing and they intended to vote against the Proposition, but in fact voted for its passage.  How many voters did this happen to?

In a move that clearly demonstrated the power of a Church, the LDS Church (Mormons), based in Salt Lake City, Utah, became the voice of Proposition 8.  Citing morality and religious views of the Church, LDS members reportedly contributed more than $22 million towards the passage of Proposition 8, which amounted to about a third of the reported $60+ million raised throughout the campaign.

In the end, the Proposition narrowly passed 52% to 48%, a difference of approximately 500,000 votes.  Californians voted “inequality for all”.

Surprisingly, there has been an outcry nationwide.  Throughout the United States, citizens are crying foul.  They are letting their voices be heard and telling the world how justice has not been served and Americans’ civil liberties have been thrown back into the closet.

If you somehow think that Proposition 8, a California issue, is not your issue, you would be wrong.  On Saturday, November 15th, JoinTheImpact is organizing a National Protest Against Prop 8. In cities throughout the United States, people will gather at town and city halls and let America know that the passage of Proposition 8 in California was wrong. In Boston alone, the numbers haven’t yet been estimated, but the word is that it will be a “massive” protest and that thousands will be in attendance.  And I’ll be there.

If equality is important to you, plan to attend and support the National Protest in your area.  You can see if there is one where you live by going to the following site: JoinTheImpact

I believe it’s necessary to support changing the laws to recognize the freedom of same-sex couples to express their lives through love and marriage.