Mel Gibson in the Boston Common

September 17, 2008
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Mel Gibson On the Set of “Edge of Darkness”

Recently a series of events led to a rather exciting Friday evening for me. Work was finished but I stayed a bit late. When I went to the subway, there were about 10 times the amount of people as usual, so I figured there must be some transit problem. I then remembered I forgot to mail something, so I decided to go back to work to get my package.

After retrieving my package, I walked to the post office. Obviously, there was no way I was going back to the subway with all those people! I dropped my package at the post office, and then had to decide how best to walk to my subway connection. Boston Common Duck

The Boston Common is split in half and I could have bypassed the first half or I could choose to walk through both. I know, decisions decisions. But then I remembered that I had my camera and I could take photos in the park! I’m participating in a photo contest with two friends and we are trying to one up each other by getting some interesting shots. I thought that perhaps the Common would present some good scenery with people, the Swan Boats, trees and the beautiful flowers. The sun was also going down so I thought the lighting might make for some unique shots. Off I went.

Boston Common Sun Reflection Through TreesAs I walked through the lower end of the Common, I found myself quite relaxed. People were walking, talking, sunning and even hoola hooping to folk music. THAT was interesting. I sat down in front of the pond to take a few photos and I realized my camera batteries were nearly dead. Brilliant move. Not wanting to waste the moment, I decided to take a few photos – for however long the batteries would last. I got a couple of rather uninteresting photos. The idea was superb. The execution was dull. Experimentation is key. Fresh batteries — a necessity!

As I left the lower Common, I walked towards the upper part of the Boston Common. I had noticed film crews parked along the streets, but that was nothing out of the ordinary. I have previously seen the trucks and campers, but never any filming. But as I was walking through the Common, I could see that there was a little filming going on. In fact, someone was filming a little girl, maybe 2 years old, playing catch with a ball. It was cute, but not very exciting. I, like the many other people walking through the Common, walked around her and the film crew.

As I passed the little girl, I noticed Mel Gibson EOD-1a group of people gathered around the bend. Now THAT was something to go check out! There were police standing around, and the area was cordoned off. People had cameras out and finally I heard someone say, “Is that Mel Gibson?” Ok, now I’m listening!

Mel Gibson? For real? THE Mel Gibson, right in my Boston Common? Right here, right now? Wow! Better than wow! And as if on queue, Mel Gibson appeared right before our eyes! The real motivation was the Craft food services table of goodies, and like a bee to honey, Mel came right over for some snacks!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t believe my luck. I COULDN’T believe that my batteries were dead! I turned on my camera and the lens would immediately retract and shut off. Oh, I was NOT happy! Trying in vain to get my camera to take a photo, I watched as Mel joked with the crowd. He said something like, “Haven’t you all got something better to do?” And then he reached for a large chocolate cake and said, “I do! I want this cake!” Everyone laughed.

Mel Gibson EOD-2Mel Gibson EOD-3Mel Gibson EOD-4

Mel didn’t go for the cake. He was just teasing. But he did eat some nuts and fruit and he laughed with the crowd. My camera DID get to take a couple of shots, but Mel was eating and I couldn’t focus on him. He stuck around for a few minutes and then went back to filming.

After watching some filming of Mel’s new film Edge of Darkness, I realized I had to find a drugstore! There must be one nearby! I looked across the street, saw a CVS and ran over and bought myself some new batteries. Success!

Mel never came back to the Craft table. But he did continue filming a single scene for quite some time. He kept going in and out of a beat up old car. And luckily, I was able to shoot a few pictures.

Being in the right place at the right time once again!  I said to a friend, if I had to run into a bona fide movie star, Mel Gibson would be right at the top of my list! Pretty cool Friday evening for me!

Mel Gibson EOD-5

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