Parvati Shallow Came to Win Survivor Micronesia All-Stars and Win She Did!

May 18, 2008
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My favorite line from Parvati during the Survivor: Micronesia Fans vs. Favorites season was when she said that she came out to win. She played hard and really made some enemies on the island, but in the end, her strategies served her well and she won the million, claiming the title of ultimate survivor.

I interviewed Parvati on the Red Carpet just after she learned she won this season’s Survivor. I asked her how she felt and she said she was glad it was finally over, it still hadn’t sunk in yet and that she couldn’t believe she had actually won. I asked her if it was hard being on Survivor: Cook Islands and then turning around a year later for Survivor: Micronesia and she said not at all — that she was recovered, ready and excited. She said she had a great time on Cook Islands and was thrilled to be going back for a second try.

Parvati  Shallow
Parvati Shallow & Todd Herzog

Parvati’s a really smart lady. Against great odds, she convinced the majority of the jury to vote in her favor, and took some harsh comments about being a role model for others. From my perspective, Parvati is a great role model. She is quite intelligent and is in charge of Public Relations and is a boxer for Knockouts For Girls (, a “non-profit organization that raises money to provide college scholarships and boxing training to underprivileged girls”. Their goal is to empower girls and give them the tools they need to help them succeed beyond their current means. So far, Knockouts For Girls has raised enough money to provide $10,000 in scholarship funding.

The organization has just put together its 2009 swimsuit calendar ( and has its next charity event on June 3rd in Hollywood. These women are gorgeous, smart and can probably knock you on your tush! Anyone who thinks that Parvati lacks what it takes to be a great role model should take a look at


I enjoyed talking with Parvati on the Red Carpet. She is very articulate and extremely focused. While I asked her questions about Survivor, she made it clear that she wanted people to know about Knockouts For Girls. This is one woman who knows how to sell a story, and in the end she sold hers and earned herself a million dollars. Great job Parvati!